Eye Pillows May Help to Ease Anxiety During MRI Scans

Eye Pillows May Help to Ease Anxiety During MRI Scans

For sufferers of claustrophobia, having an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) procedure can be a fearful experience, and may be even impossible to tolerate depending on the anxiety of the patient. Using an eye pillow may help patients stay calm because they naturally block out the sight of the MRI environment.

The gentle weight can calm and relax while keeping the patient’s eyes comfortably closed helping to achieve a more successful scan. Many people quickly can achieve a state of calm by using an eye pillow.

The mild weight of the pillow helps the patient to close their eyes and the scent of real lavender is a natural anxiety reducer.

Our eye pillows are also available unscented. Each eye pillow is wrapped in a clear plastic bag. See our complete eye pillow range. Any of the eye pillows on this website should be okay to use when having your MRI, but check with your doctor or MRI technician first.

Benefits of Eye Pillows for MRI

  1. Easy to use. Simply place over the eye area.
  2. Helps to reduce the need for sedatives or other medications.

Read about how one MRI technologist puts patients at their ease during medical procedures using aromatherapy eye pillows and music.

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