Buddha Party III Lavender Eye Pillow

Buddha Party III Lavender Eye Pillow

Price: $14.95

Eye Pillow Information

A golden and a red buddha sit meditating in green and pink background! These vibrant colors are beautifully combined with golden accents in the Terrie Mangat print. The filling is flax seed and lavender providing a perfect weight and soothing natural fragrance to help you relax, unwind and let the stress melt away. The back of the eye pillow is made out of a beautifully coordinating green satin that feels wonderful against the face.

You can cool this eye pillow in the freezer, place on eyes to help ease tension, sinus pain and headaches. The filling will provide you with a wonderful "acupressure" weight. Buy for yourself or as a gift.

Eye Pillow Details

Filling Flax seed with natural lavender flowers
Fabric Cotton and satin
Size 4.5 x 8.5 inches
Weight 7 oz approx.
Usage Relaxation, Cold Therapy, Yoga

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