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About Us

We are a retailer and wholesaler of quality hand crafted eye pillows for businesses offering quality relaxation products and services as well as individuals seeking sleep and relaxation enhancement aids and soothing, relaxing experiences who want to minimize the experience of stress, negativity, frustration and exhaustion and maximize the experience of positive and empowered states of mind.

Please contact us if you have any questions about us or our products.

How We Make Our Eye Pillows

Our eye pillows are really only as good as the fabric they are crafted from and the filling placed inside. Each eye pillow we produce is hand sewn from a fabric specially chosen for its look and comforting feel against the face. Our eye pillows are filled with flax seed and herbs that are creatively blended to help induce relaxation, sleep, general well-being - browse our full catalog to see our complete collection. We never use synthetic filling or fragrances.

How To Use Your Eye Pillow

Take 5 minutes and lay down or sit in a reclining chair, then lay the eye pillow over the eyes just as you would with any sleep mask. The gentle weight of the flax seed molds to the contours of the face and creates gentle pressure at the eyebrow, eyes and temples. The gentle fragrance of the herb blend you have chosen will gently bathe your olfactory senses with delight!

Care of Your Eye Pillow

Overtime the fragrance of the herbs inside your eye pillow will start to fade. This is to be expected with any natural product. To preserve the fragrance longer, we suggest that you keep your eye pillow in a sealed bag in your fridge or freezer. Crumpling the eye pillow up will help to release more fragrance.

Because of the natural filling, our eye pillows are not designed to be immersed in water.

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