Gentle Yoga and Your Eye Pillow Can Ease a Hangover

Gentle Yoga and Your Eye Pillow Can Ease a Hangover

"The use of props like eye pillows, bolsters and blocks can be particularly helpful to anyone with a hangover, along with drinking plenty of water," says the New York Times. The Holiday Season and especially New Years can leave us feeling a little worse for wear, and many people start the New Year with a hangover.

A light yoga routine is recommended over "hot yoga" classes which can cause further dehydration to an already dehydrated body. Gentle meditation and breathing exercises tend to be more beneficial, especially if you have really overdone the celebrating!

The article describes many useful yoga poses you can use to ease the effects of a hangover, including the corpse pose which you can use with your eye pillow.

Pounding headaches can be eased by applying a cooled eye pillow, one that is filled with a peppermint and eucalyptus filling can be even more beneficial.

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