How to Power Nap with Your Eye Pillow

How to Power Nap with Your Eye Pillow

A power nap is a short sleep which ends before deep sleep has a chance to kick in and is intended to leave you feeling revitalized.
It is thought 15-30 minutes is the optimal time for a power nap. Napping for longer may let the body enter a normal sleep cycle without completing it, and this can leave you feeling groggy, disorientated and even sleepier. People who regularly take power naps will eventually develop a good idea of the amount of time that works best for them as well as figure out when, how and where to take a power nap.

How to Take a Power Nap

You will need: an eye pillow, power nap relaxation MP3, a pillow and a blanket (all optional).

Find a good place to nap where you know that you will be undisturbed. Feeling comfortable in the place you choose to power nap is very important as you probably won’t be able to sleep if you are anxious about someone disturbing you.

You can try sleeping in your office but remember to post a sign on your door so that you won’t be disturbed. Lay on the floor, a bench outside (if it’s quiet and warm enough), your car seat (make sure that your car is parked in a suitable and safe place).

Use an eye pillow to block out light. The soothing aroma may help to calm you and help you drift off to sleep.

You can even use a power nap download which will guide you through a power nap.

Drinking some caffeine just before you nap sounds counter intuitive, but some people find that the caffeine starts to kick on after their nap so you get the benefits of feeling refreshed from the nap and a little extra pep from the caffeine.

Remember to set an alarm for 15 or so minutes! And make sure to turn off anything that may disturb you (cell phone etc.)..

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