Keep Calm & Yoga On Eye Pillows [10 count]

Keep Calm & Yoga On Eye Pillows [10 count]

Price: $94.50

We've adjusted the well-known propaganda poster for these yoga eye pillows! These whimsical eye pillows are perfect for relaxation time at the end of a yoga class! A regal purple colored dupioni silk back contrasts with the colors on the front. Filled with flax seed and lavender, it provides a perfect weight and soothing natural fragrance to help relaxation.

These eye pillows are packaged individually in a own polythene bag with a descriptive label inside.

Suggested Retail Price


Each eye pillow costs you $9.45 each.

Eye Pillow Details

Filling Flax seed with natural lavender flowers
Fabric Organic Cotton and Dupioni Silk
Size 4 x 9 inches
Weight 8 oz approx (our eye pillows are filled by volume, so the weight of each pillow may vary slightly).
Usage Relaxation, Cold Therapy, Yoga

Purchase an Keep Calm & Yoga On Eye Pillow individually.

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