Namaste Eye Pillows [10 count]

Namaste Eye Pillows [10 count]

Price: $94.50

A stunning antique gold colored dupioni silk back co-ordinates with the coloring of the word on the front of the pillow. Carefully filled with flax seed and lavender, it allows a soothing weight and stress releasing natural fragrance to help you relax and unwind. Purchase in bulk for your yoga boutique or spa store.

Each eye pillow comes packaged in it's own polythene bag and has a descriptive label inside.

Suggested Retail Price


Each eye pillow costs you $9.45 each.

Eye Pillow Details

Filling Flax seed with natural lavender flowers
Fabric Organic Cotton and Dupioni Silk
Size 4 x 9 inches
Weight 8 oz approx (our eye pillows are filled by volume, so the weight of each pillow may vary slightly).
Usage Relaxation, Cold Therapy, Yoga

Purchase a Namaste Eye Pillow individually.

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