Eye Pillow Fillings & Herbs

Eye Pillow Fillings & Herbs

Catnip Leaf & Flower

Catnip has a rather sweet and strongly herbal fragrance and is most often used to treat anxiety, insomnia, and nervousness.

Because of its ability to promote relaxation, catnip may also be used to help lessen migraine headaches.

Chamomile Flowers

Chamomile has a white flower with feathery leaves that looks somewhat like a daisy and grows wild in Europe, North America and many other countries.

It's name is derived from the Greek khamaimelon which means "earth apple". The apple like scent from the flowers of the...


Eucalyptus or gum trees originated in Australia and Tasmania, but they are now found in subtropical regions all over the globe.

Flax Seed

We use flax seeds as the base ingredient in our eye pillows. Because flax seed is an herbal flower seed, it won't make produce any "foody" smell and interfere with the others herbs that make up your eye pillow.

Flax seed eye pillows can be chilled for a soft and soothing cold pack and...


Hops are native to the northern temperate zones and are also known as hopbind and hop vine. Hops are also used as a medicine as the flowers are famous for their sedative effect and can be either drunk or stuffed in a pillow to aid sleep.


Also known as Common Jasmine and Yasmine. Jasmine is used in aromatherapy as a relaxant.


Lavender is native to the Mediterranean region and India but it is now grown all over the world and can be used to aid sleep, help relaxation and alleviate stress.


Mugwort is native to temperate Europe, Asia and northern Africa, but is also present in North America where it is an invasive weed. It is used by many to induce vivid dreams by placing the herb inside the cover of a pillow and sleeping on the pillow. It is also said to be useful in inducing...


Peppermint is a native of Europe and has been cultivated for medicinal purposes since ancient times.


Originally from Asia Minor, the rose is now grown all over the world.

In Love with the Peace Eye Pillow

by Linda

I loved the eye pillow. The eye pillow was exactly what I was looking for and have already used in my yoga class. I also liked the design. The peace design goes with the rest of my yoga gear....

Eye Pillows Make Great Christmas Gifts

by Anon

My friends from yoga class loved them (Christmas gifts). Thank you!

{Comment from the Eye Pillow Company: This customer purchased the...

Yoga Haven Yoga Studio Loves Namaste Eye Pillows

by Betsy from YogaHaven.com

I absolutely love them [Namaste Eye Pillows]!!! They are beautiful. I will be placing a second order next week...

Gorgeous Eye Pillows for Yoga Students

by Dawn from East Meets West Yoga Center

The eye pillows are GORGEOUS! The students at the yoga studio absolutely love them. I will be re-ordering soon.

{Comment from the Eye Pillow Company: Dawn purchased...

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