Eye Pillow Reviews

Eye Pillow Reviews

In Love with the Peace Eye Pillow

by Linda

I loved the eye pillow. The eye pillow was exactly what I was looking for and have already used in my yoga class. I also liked the design. The peace design goes with the rest of my yoga gear. Thank you...

Eye Pillows Make Great Christmas Gifts

by Anon

My friends from yoga class loved them (Christmas gifts). Thank you!

{Comment from the Eye Pillow Company: This customer purchased the Keep Calm and Yoga On Eye Pillows}

Yoga Haven Yoga Studio Loves Namaste Eye Pillows

by Betsy from YogaHaven.com

I absolutely love them [Namaste Eye Pillows]!!! They are beautiful. I will be placing a second order next week!

Gorgeous Eye Pillows for Yoga Students

by Dawn from East Meets West Yoga Center

The eye pillows are GORGEOUS! The students at the yoga studio absolutely love them. I will be re-ordering soon.

{Comment from the Eye Pillow Company: Dawn purchased the Namaste Eye Pillows in bulk and the Om Mandala Eye Pillows in bulk}

My Logo Looks Great on My Branded Eye Pillows!

by Teri, Owner of NJ Beach Yoga

I am thrilled with the quality of the Eye Pillows and how awesome my logo looks! The color of the back is a perfect a match and I appreciate your guidance on choosing the right color. When I opened the box the scent filled the room. Besides using these as gifts I’m sure many of my students will want to purchase these as well. Thanks so much, your company does great work!

Yoga Studios Love Our Eye Pillows!

by Pat

I just opened my eye pillows and I am so pleased with the designs and the workmanship! Well done...plus being made in America by a small business, double plus.

Lovely Eye Pillow

by Janet

The eye pillow is lovely and I can't thank you enough for getting it out to me right away. My old eye pillow was leaking flax and I had patches on it that were disintegrating - not good! Thanks very much. I will order some as gifts soon.

Birthday Present for Best Friend

by Jessica

Thank you so much for getting the eye pillow to me in such a quick and timely manner. The eye pillow looks perfect and smells lovely. I will be giving it to my best friend as a birthday present and I definitely know she will enjoy it. Thank you again for such a lovely product.

Sleeping Like a Baby!

by Christine

I am very pleased, sleeping like a baby!zzzzzzzz. I will offer 2 suggestions, one, to make a smaller one for smaller faces, and two, fill them a little more so they are thicker and more of the seeds and petals stay over the eyes! It is lovely and elegant, thanks for your artistry.

{Comment from the Eye Pillow Company: We have played around with various weights and sizes to find something that appeals to most people. If you are unhappy with an eye pillow purchased from us, we will happily offer a refund within 30 days of purchase. Christine purchased the Fuschia Cherry Blossom Lavender & Rose Luxury Eye Pillow Mask}

Eye Pillows for a Yoga Retreat

by Joyce S

I loved the Om Mandala Eye Pillows, and I was impressed at their speedy delivery! Thank you very much ... all the women at the yoga retreat will be delighted.

Eye Pillows as Gifts

by David

It's the third time I've ordered an eye pillow as a gift and they're great.

Gorgeous Eye Pillows That Smell Wonderful!

by Connie

I just received the eye pillows yesterday. They are both gorgeous and smell wonderful. Exactly what I wanted. I’ll definitely order from you again!

Relaxing Lavender Eye Pillow

by Brianne

Not only did my golden satin eye pillow arrive promptly...but it's aroma filled my mailbox when it did arrive! I could smell the lavender as soon as I opened the lid to my mailbox! I have used it several times since and I couldn't be happier. The lavender helps me completely relax and the satin is extremely comfortable and cool. I'm not sure when I'll need to purchase any more (possibly as gifts) but when I do, you better believe it'll be from The Eye Pillow Company!! Thanks for a high quality product!

In Love With My Eye Pillows!

by Sara

I am in love! I recently purchased a lavender eye pillow and a simply relaxing eye pillow mask. Both are so well made. The construction is far superior to other eye pillows I've had in the past. They are large and plush and smell amazing. The eye pillow mask is by far my favorite. The notch fits perfectly and keeps it in place. They are beautiful, too! Thank you!

Very Nice Eye Pillows

by James

Thank you very much for the eye pillows, they are very nice. The only feedback I would have, is that the eye pillows could have more fill (whatever the product is that you use to fill the pillow). They need a bit more weight. A pillow I had in the past was quite plump!

{Comment from the Eye Pillow Company: We have played around with various weights to find something that appeals to most people. James says that he will enjoy his eye pillows even though they are not the same weight he is used to. James purchased the Golden Floral Aromatherapy Eye Pillow and the Blue Aromatherapy Eye Pillow}

Refreshing Eye Pillows

by Sean

The eye pillows are great! My girlfriend and I quickly unpacked the new pillows and enjoyed a relaxing nap together. We actually fell asleep within minutes and awoke feeling very refreshed. I can't wait for my next opportunity to use the pillow to ease my troubled mind! You can look forward to us purchasing more products from you in the future.
{Comment from the Eye Pillow Company: Sean purchased the Navy Bamboo Aromatherapy Eye Pillow and the Blue Aromatherapy Eye Pillow}

Great Eye Pillows

by Shannon

I received my lovely eye pillows and they are just great! I will keep an eye on more products from you in the future. I am very pleased with them.

{Comment from the Eye Pillow Company: Shannon purchased the Namaste Eye Pillow and the Om Mandala Eye Pillow}

Good Weight Eye Pillows

by Jenny

I love the eye pillows I bought. Very good weight, not too heavy.
I know it said you can refrigerate them but can you microwave them for a warm compress?
My only recommendation would be for a notch for your nose so it would lay better.
Glad I found you guys online.

{Response from the Eye Pillow Company: We have heard that people do heat up flax seed filled pillows and neck wraps, but we don't recommend it to our customers because it is difficult to give out safe instructions that would cover the all the different types of microwave ovens. We do sell eye pillows with a notch for the nose. We call them eye pillow masks.}

Custom Made Eye Pillow

by Michelle from Yoga East Orlando

We just received the branded eye pillows and I must say they look and smell terrific. It is more beautiful than I imagined and has an excellent price point for a custom made product. We plan to use them to reward our most faithful customers and test them in our retail shop as well. Your branded eye pillows are a great idea and we will definitely order more in the future.

Eye Pillow Gift

by Mary Ann

I bought the Om Mandala eye pillow as a birthday present for my son. The ordering process was easy. I received it in a timely fashion. It was in great shape when I received it. Think he will really like it.

Eye Pillow Love

by Mary

I absolutely love your eye pillows. My husband bought me one years ago and I wore it out. I finally found you last year and ordered one for me and several gifts. I am one who can't stand any light when I sleep and this takes care of the problem. But the greatest thing for me is that I suffer from Migraines and when I have one these eye pillows are a God send. I don't know what I would do without them. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Excellent Products & Service

by Marjory

I love everything about your eye pillows and your company's service. I purchased one for my husband and he loves it, so I purchased the exact same one for his father, who is equally enthusiastic. Thanks for your excellent products and service.

Perfect Eye Pillow

by Helen

Love the eye pillow! It's perfect.

Love My Eye Pillows!

by Claudia

I LOVED my eye pillows! They smell wonderful! They arrived quickly! NO place in my town sells eye pillows like that!

Thrilled with My Eye Pillow!

by Dixie

I was thrilled and very pleased with the eye pillow. I teach yoga and I purchased the pillow for one of my most loyal students, I gave it to her today, and she was happy. Thank you for your prompt service, and for such a beautiful product!

De-Stress With My Eye Pillow

by Audrey

I enjoy the eye pillow I purchased from you. It's cool on my eyes and relaxes me. I endure migraines and one of my triggers is stress. I work very hard and also work very hard to maintain high grades in college so this gives me a meaningful one-minute vacation (actually longer than one minute) when I need to de-stress.

I Love It!

by Renee

I LOVE this [aromatherapy eye pillow]. It is going to be the perfect gift. The scent is fabulous. Soon I'm going to order one for myself.

Pleased with My Eye Pillow

by Carol

I am very pleased with the eye pillow that I received so promptly from your company yesterday. I appreciated that fact that it arrived so safely in a little box, and that it is so beautiful!

Enoying My Eye Pillow!

by Karen

I really am enjoying my eye pillow! It is so comfortable, and I use it after my yoga practice, and also at bedtime to relax. I will most certainly spread the word of your wonderful product and customer service to my friends!

Very Pleased with My Eye Pillow Mask

by Jake

I really enjoy my eye pillow mask. It really helps me get to sleep at night, and during the day when I nap. The relax away scent is wonderful, and I'm glad I got it instead of just flax seeds. The eye pillow mask is great and I'm very pleased with it.

Outstanding Service

by Ellie

Your service is outstanding and I love the eye pillow.....I will probably order more for gifts at sometime in the future. Thank you so much.

Great Quality Eye Pillows

by Gail

I received the eye pillows. They are great quality and the response time for the order was fantastic. I would definitely recommend your company!

My Clients Love Eye Pillows

by Susan

I love the eye pillow and will most likely be ordering a couple more. I'm a Reiki Master and my clients love eye pillows. I was delighted to find your website.

Wonderful Eye Pillow!

by Mary

I just used the eye pillow last night and it was wonderful! Yours was the only one I could find online that I could put in the freezer so I love it! Thanks for making a great product and for your fast shipping!

My Eye Pillows Arrived Quickly & Smell Divine!

by Nancy

I received my two lavender eye pillows today and am truly excited! They arrived so quickly and smell divine and are beautiful too! My present ones are so old and are leaking flax seeds everywhere. I tried to repair them but they are too old. Thank goodness! I'd much rather have these from your company. Thank you!

I Love the Fabric and Colors!

by Kim

The yoga eye pillows are beautiful. I love the fabric and colors. We used them in yoga today, for the first time. One woman said it felt a bit lighter than my plain ones, but it made her happy to put it on her face. Thank you for NOT adding scent, so many people get bothered.

Gorgeous Eye Pillow Fabric

by Carol

Thanks for the eye pillow - LOVE it! Your fabric designs are gorgeous and I had a hard time picking one. I really wanted the one with the notch for the nose but trying to stay on a budget. Maybe next time. I could almost use a couple more tablespoons of flax seeds but still very happy!

My Eye Pillow Smells Divine

by Stacey

I am thrilled with my eye pillow. I love the colors and the quality of the fabric. It smells devine! I look forward to going to bed just so I can use it. Thank you for the quick delivery!

Very Comfortable Eye Pillow

by A

I did receive my eye pillow and am very happy with it! I like the size - it's a little bigger than the previous model that I bought a long while back and I like the way it fits my eyes and face a little better - and it is very comfortable. Thank you very much for the prompt delivery and the hand written thank you note.

Madly in Love With Eye Pillow!

by D

My mother, who takes a power nap daily, is madly in love with her eye pillow, also using it at bedside for its fragrance. She also forwarded to me your handwritten thank you note. We're both pleased and I will be ordering a second one very soon to give to another napper.

Just the Right Amount of Scent

by Don

My eye pillows are everything we hoped for. Great eye coverage, good weight and just the right amount of scent so you look forward to putting it on.

I am Impressed By Your Customer Service!

by Kelly

I am so impressed by your customer service, you can count on me purchasing another eye pillow! The hand written note was surprising and amazing! This one was a gift for my future mother-in-law and I know she will LOVE IT! I will recommend your company to everyone I know! Good luck with your business, you are doing GREAT!

I'm Very Happy with my Eye Pillows

by Cintia

I loved the pillows! They are very pretty and smell very good. Thank you very much, I'm very happy with my order and will definitely recommend your business.

Helpful for Sinus Headaches

by Dawn B.

I am very happy with my eye pillow! It is very pretty and the peppermint is really nice. I put it in the freezer for a while and put it on my eyes and it really helps for sinus headaches. I'll probably be buying my Mom one for Christmas. It's so nice that you keep in contact with your customers, great customer service! Good Luck and I'll be ordering from you again.

Eye Pillow Bliss

by Penny Z.

Yippee! Just received my luxurious lavender aromatherapy eye pillow and used it for a great 10 minute meditation. In lavender scented bliss all thanks to my eye pillow!

My Eyes Needed Pampering!

by Lisa G.

I love the eye pillow! I really like the smell and it is just the right weight on my eyes. I have not tried it yet from the freezer and can't wait to try that. My eyes need the pampering. Thank you so much!

I Recommended Your Eye Pillows to My Girlfriends!

by Gail S.

I received the eye pillow and I love it! I had a headache the other night so I laid down with your eye pillow over my eyes in the dark and it felt great. Very soothing scent. I recommended it to my girlfriends and told them where I got it. Thanks for a wonderful product!

Wonderful Eye Pillows

by Sharlene B.

I have been ordering your eye pillows for some time and my husband and myself feel they are superior in every way to any other eye pillow. What a wonderful suggestion to use an eye pillow while having an MRI since I am going to have one this month. We love your designs and service. Thank you so much.

I Love the Eye Pillow Scents

by Justine

Thank you so much - I do love the eye pillows. I do have some feedback for you: I love the scents!!! The Golden Floral pillow scented with Relax Away is by far my favorite. The other pillow I ordered (Galaxy of Stars) was beautifully scented as well, but I find that it is a little too large. Other than that, everything is great. I will definitely order from you in the future. Thank you.

I love My Eye Pillow

by Cindy H.

OMGOodness! I received my eye pillow today, it is AMAZING!!! I love it Thank you!!!

Like a Spa Indulgence!

by Jenn

My new eye pillow is beautiful, so pretty and smells so good. I Love it! When I use it, it's like a spa indulgence, so relaxing! Thank you.

Sinus Headache Relief From My Eye Pillow

by Jenny Petersen

I won a lavender filled 'Dragons' eye pillow in the Eye Pillow Giveaway - it was very good timing as I was having sinus headaches and the eye pillow was wonderful to help relieve these as I laid on the couch!!

My Eye Pillow Reduces Morning Puffiness!

by Rosey from southern California

Thanks so much for the faux fur lavender eye pillow you sent me. I put the eye pillow in the fridge over night and in the morning I'll take 5 minutes for myself and lie back and put the cool pillow on my eyes. Not only does it relax me for the day and help me feel refreshed and ready to take on the world, but it reduces that morning puffiness under the eyes. At night before I go to bed, I'll put on some relaxing mellow music and lie back with my eye pillow, it really sets me off to a restful nights sleep. It's so great, I am so happy that I found your website!

Helps with Quick Breaks While I Work

by Amber from Sebastopol

I love my 'Stars and Swirls Eye Pillow'! I like to leave it under my pillow while I sleep. I dream about sunny days and fields of lavender and wake up sniffing chamomile and feeling calm. My whole bedroom smells relaxing now!

I've been using my eye pillow for quick breaks while I'm working in front of my computer during the day. First I scrunch it up to release the scent, then I lean back, put it over my eyes and just breathe for a minute or two. It makes me feel 10 times better and ready to get back to work.

Nap Time Made Easy!

by Paul from San Diego

My favorite way to use my eye pillow is to lay on my back on the couch with my legs draped over the arm rest and a comfy pillow under my head. My eye pillow rests gently over my eyes with a pleasant pressure and sends me off for a refreshing nap. Great product - I thoroughly recommend this to anyone wanting help to sleep!

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