A Gift of Relaxation & Love

February 5, 2012
It's almost that time of year again when we think hard about what to give those we love as a token of our affection. We might be able to make that decision a little easier this year for you! Our new "All You Need Is Love" eye pillow is filled with an enchanting mixture of dried rose petals and...

Calm for Cold Evenings

January 12, 2012
I have never made tea from anything other than tea bags and store bought loose tea, so it came as a pleasant surprise to realize that I can use the same chamomile I put in my eye pillows to make tea! On a cold evening curled up by the fire, a cup of hot tea, soothing music and my aromatherapy eye...

Does It Really Matter What Your Eye Pillow Looks Like?

April 14, 2011
Let's face it, YOU can't see your eye pillow when you are using it! When you choose a new pair of sunglasses or hat, don't you always try to find something that is stylish and cute? I know that you are not going to use eye pillows in the same way as a hat or sunglasses, but you still want...

Gentle Yoga and Your Eye Pillow Can Ease a Hangover

January 1, 2011
"The use of props like eye pillows, bolsters and blocks can be particularly helpful to anyone with a hangover, along with drinking plenty of water," says the New York Times. The Holiday Season and especially New Years can leave us feeling a little worse for wear, and many people start the New Year...

Eye Pillow Directory

December 24, 2010
Eye pillows are a favorite way to relax at the end of a yoga class and are quickly becoming a natural way to ease tension outside of a yoga class. I have written articles that will show you how you can get relaxed and lose stress or how to fall asleep using an eye pillow. As an advocate of the...

Nervous Dental Patients Benefit From Eye Pillows

December 12, 2010
Some dental offices are offering aromatherapy eye pillows with the hope that placing their patients in warm and welcoming environment will alleviate the fears that often go along with dental treatment. It is hoped that even the most unsettled patients will be soothed - imagine laying back in a...

Gift Wrapped Eye Pillows with a Hand Written Note

November 30, 2010
From December 1st through December 18th 2010 send an eye pillow as a gift and I will wrap it and hand write your message to go along with it! An eye pillow makes a great gift at any time of year, especially for those 'hard to buy for' people. And with this gift wrapping offer, you now have one...

Eye Pillows Help Kids Relax During Yoga and Meditation

November 29, 2010
Eye pillows are a small and inexpensive item that can make all the difference in a yoga and meditation class for kids. Find out more about how Donna Freeman, the founder of Yoga In My School, uses eye pillows to help kids relax during yoga and meditation.

Eye Pillows Can Help to Soothe Tired Puffy Eyes

November 14, 2010
Spending too much time working on your computer, driving, report writing, studying or any activity that can cause eye strain can make your eyes become puffy and tired. Overdoing celebrations can also lead to sore eyes. My eye pillows can work well to relieve tired puffy eyes. Simply place your...

How to Power Nap with Your Eye Pillow

November 10, 2010
A power nap is a short sleep which ends before deep sleep has a chance to kick in and is intended to leave you feeling revitalized. It is thought 15-30 minutes is the optimal time for a power nap. Napping for longer may let the body enter a normal sleep cycle without completing it, and this can...
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