How to Power Nap

Eye Pillow Power Nap
November 2, 2010
Balancing life's demands with the body / mind's need to relax and recharge can be tricky. I take my down time as seriously as I take my other responsibilities. Think about it; don't we have the responsibility to ourselves to balance our frantic lives with the needed rest and relaxation that we need...

Eye Pillows For Combat Veterans

Eye Pillows For Combat Veterans
October 24, 2010
While browsing around online this weekend, I came across an article about eye pillows as a relaxation tool for combat veterans. I was surprised to read this as I have sub consciously thought of eye pillows as a product primarily for women, even though I do have men make purchases from me. I...

How to Fall Asleep Using an Eye Pillow

How to Fall Asleep Using an Eye Pillow
October 24, 2010
Many people suffer from insomnia. For some it is a rare occurrence, but for others it happens all too often. Following a regular bedtime schedule and routine gets your body used to the sleep cycle and gives it a chance to ‘slow down’ from the more hectic routines of your day. Try to go to bed and...

Who Else Wants to Get Relaxed & Lose the Stress?

Get Relaxed & Lose the Stress with an Eye Pillow
October 15, 2010
Use Guided Imagery and an Eye Pillow to Relax Many of the eye pillows I sell are used for relaxation, however, I sometimes find that just lying down and covering my eyes is not enough to reach that deep calm I am seeking. Sometimes I am just too tense to 'make' myself relax and find that no matter...

Here's a Quick Way to Relax

A Quick Way to Relax
October 4, 2010
Today I discovered where you can download exquisite free MP3 tracks. I downloaded the Zen Garden Meditation track which gave me 11 minutes of water sounds, tinkling Tibetan cymbals and other mysterious sounds, all invoking a deep state of relaxation. Quick Relaxation Method...

Relax and Unwind With a Yoga Eye Pillow

Relax and Unwind With a Yoga Eye Pillow
October 2, 2010
Eyes and the surrounding area often hold a lot of stress, anxiety and tiredness. Simply closing and resting your eyes and allowing your awareness to turn inwards invites your mind and body to follow. You can give your eyes, body and mind a well deserved break with the aid of a yoga eye pillow....

Yoga Poses for Migraine Relief

Yoga Poses for Migraine Relief
September 24, 2010
Headaches are bad enough, but migraines are very painful often lasting a few hours to several days. The causes of migraines vary by individual but, for some, stress can be a trigger. Yoga and relaxation is most effective as a preventative measure, because movement, can make migraines worse. If you...

Eye Pillows for Yoga

Yoga Eye Pillow
September 17, 2010
The corpse pose, or Savasana, is one of the most restful poses in yoga. It's usually the final pose used in yoga classes but it can also be used by itself to induce meditation or relaxation. You will need: Yoga mat Eye pillow or eye bag blanket Directions Sit on the floor and extend your legs...

Seven Alternative Uses for Eye Pillows

Alternative Uses for Eye Pillows
September 9, 2010
Place a lavender eye pillow in your clothes draw to keep everything fresh. Go to sleep with a chamomile and lavender eye pillow placed under your pillow and dream you are in a flower filled meadow. Keep an eye pillow in the freezer and place it on aching joints to help ease discomfort. Keep one...

Eye Pillows May Help to Ease Anxiety During MRI Scans

MRI Eye Pillow In Use
September 2, 2010
For sufferers of claustrophobia, having an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) procedure can be a fearful experience, and may be even impossible to tolerate depending on the anxiety of the patient. Using an eye pillow may help patients stay calm because they naturally block out the sight of the MRI...
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